Labour is charged at applicable rates with a minimum charge of one hour, there after in 30 minutes intervals.

Bills to be paid for upon completion of work, large jobs as pre arranged with our office.

Please ensure that you have any planning permission or building consent that may be required.

Materials supplied by MatesRates over the cost of £50 must be pre paid unless otherwise arranged with our office.

Please make a clear area of work and remove any fragile and valuable items.

Waste materials are to be disposed of by the customer unless otherwise arranged. We have to pay a fee to the council and cover our costs to run vehicles to the tip.

Please ensure all quotes are correct and meet your requirements.

Bills can be paid for by cards to our office by phone or by clicking on to the safe card payment facility on the home page of our website.

We are charged a 3% fee to process all cards and will pass this charge on to the customer on all bills over £100 paid by cards.

Cheques are to be made payable to MatesRates Ltd and sent to our Inverness office, see enqure now page for address.

For bank transfers refer to our enquire now page for our bank details.

Cash can be paid to our tradesmen only when pre arranged with our office, the client must sign issued invoice.

Please note that our hourly rates and quotes reflect the fact that all MatesRates Ltd and tradesmens income is declared to H,M,R,C. We offer a six month guarantee and are fully insured. We also pay our tradesmen above the local going rate to ensure we attract and retain the best tradesmen in Inverness.

Monday - Saturday 9:Am - 6:Pm / Sunday: Closed